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Bunion Surgery

Get Bunion Surgery for Permanent Pain Relief

A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of the big toe. It forces the big toe to slant into the other toes, and also causes the big toe's joint to stick out. This deformity causes a number of other problems, such as friction against the inside of the shoe at the location of the bunion. It also eventually causes the big toe's bursa, a fluid-filled sac, to become inflamed. This inflammation is what causes much of the pain associated with bunions. The inflamed joint will also be stiff.

While there are a few ways to reduce bunion pain at first, the only true fix is to get bunion surgery. This foot surgery takes three main forms. One type involves cutting the joint and realigning it to a more normal position. The second form removes the bunion, but doesn't change the alignment of the joint. Finally, the affected joint can be entirely replaced.

Which type of bunion surgery is best for you depends on how far the condition has progressed, among other factors. In any case, it is typically an outpatient surgery that does not require general anesthetic. Instead, an ankle block is used. This temporality numbs your entire foot with a strong nerve block delivered to the ankle.

Even though foot surgery is the definitive repair for bunions, you can often use more conservative methods for years before getting it. Shoes with a large toe box, toe cushions, and other such things help prevent pressure and friction on the bunion, thereby helping prevent inflammation of the joint and its bursa.
However, if these aren't working for you, you should definitely get a bunion surgery consultation. With surgery, you will be freed from the cycle of searching for relief every time your bunion grows.

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