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Foot And Ankle Surgery Massachusetts - Podiatric Center

Is Surgery the Answer to Your Foot and Ankle Problems?

Many foot and ankle injuries can heal either on their own or with a few weeks of rest. However, this is not true of all of them. In some cases, the damage either doesn't heal or doesn't do so well enough to provide stability when walking.

There is usually no way of knowing how an injury is likely to progress without a medical examination. Therefore, the first step for tending to your foot and ankle problem is to be evaluated by specialists like those at East Point Foot and Ankle, P.C. This office has x-ray equipment right on site, so you don't have to go to multiple centers to have your injury or other problem checked out.

Once you have been evaluated, your doctor will recommend the best course of action. For many foot and ankle injuries, conservative treatment will be effective. You might need to spend some time on crutches or in a walking cast so that the injured area is not further stressed, but it will otherwise heal on its own.

In other cases, you will indeed need surgery to correct the problem. You may have a shattered bone, torn ligaments or tendons, or a bone spur that needs to be shaved down. In these cases, the appropriate surgery will be scheduled. Once it is complete, you'll typically need to either stay off of the foot or have a walking cast put on for a few weeks. This gives the area a chance to heal without the stress of bearing weight.

Regardless of whether or not surgery is recommended, you can count on excellent care from East Point Foot and Ankle, P.C. Call them today for an evaluation.

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