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Podiatrist Massachusetts

Let a Board Certified Podiatrist Help with Your Foot Problems

A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment and repair of foot problems. These problems range all the way from monitoring and treating diabetic feet all the way to reconstructive surgery after accidents. They also include conditions that arise after patients have been on their feet for years.

Because there are so many different foot conditions that need treatment, a podiatrist must be more well-rounded than some other types of doctors. Some podiatrists do specialize more than simply treating "the feet," but this is somewhat rare. In most cases, one that is willing to treat all foot conditions will be very satisfactory.

One thing you should always be sure of is that your podiatrist is board certified. This certification means that she or he has passed a rigorous set of qualifications. Someone who has the certification is much more likely to be able to handle all of the different scenarios that are seen in the examining room. Therefore, your chances of a satisfactory result are higher.

It shouldn't be hard to find out if the foot doctor you are considering is a board certified podiatrist. Typically, the office will mention it in its advertising, and if you haven't seen the ad, you can just call and ask the receptionist if the doctor has this qualification. Be wary of any office that tries to dance around the question, since board certification is a standard in this specialty even if it is not legally required.

In Need of Podiatrists?

You can find excellent board certified podiatrists at East Point Foot and Ankle, P.C. in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. If you are in the area, give them a call and make an appointment for an evaluation of your foot condition.

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