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Toe Conditions

What Can be Done to Help Painful Toe Conditions?

For such small body parts, toes can be a huge source of pain. Conditions like ingrown toenails, hammer toes, and more make walking difficult, and some put you at risk for infection on top of that. These problems arise from many causes, including direct injuries to the toes, genetics, and even diseases of the body. Fortunately, foot doctors have treatment protocols for toe conditions that can usually bring full relief.

In order to get the best treatment for your toe conditions, you must first be evaluated. If the cause of the problem isn't obvious, such as a direct injury to your foot, testing may be done to attempt to find it. This testing may go beyond your toes since general health issues like diabetes often affect the feet. If a general health problem is found, your toes will be treated in accordance with the best practices for that condition. You will also be referred to a doctor to handle the larger issue if you don't already have a physician.

When the problem is limited to the foot, treatment will be designed to treat the discovered toe conditions alone. This treatment can involve the removal of an ingrown toenail, surgery to release hammer toes and correct malformed bones, shoe inserts to stop painful toes from rubbing, and more. Which ones will be used to address your foot pain will depend on the findings of the evaluation.

If you have debilitating foot pain because of your toes, don't dismiss it due to the small size of the affected parts. You need to be able to walk comfortably to fully enjoy your life. Make an appointment with the foot doctors at East Point Foot and Ankle, P.C. today.

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