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Pediatric Patients

Pediatric Patients are Welcome at East Point Foot and Ankle, P.C.!

Growing feet often need much different care than those of adults. Therefore, if a child has a foot problem, it's important to find a podiatrist who can properly treat pediatric patients. These doctors know how to spot hidden problems that are developing, and can tell you which issues can be "grown out of" and which actually need treatment, and more.

They can also treat the sorts of injuries that commonly arise from playground accidents or sports mishaps. These injuries often require different treatments in children due to the suppleness of young bones and ligaments.

Many podiatrists who treat children also accept adult patients. Adults tend to have different foot problems than kids thanks to choices in footwear, jobs that require standing all day, and other long-term stresses. A good podiatrist can easily determine age-appropriate treatments for all.

For patients, finding an all-ages podiatrist brings a great increase in convenience. Everyone in the family can go for checkups or treatments as needed, and both adult patients and pediatric patients can rest assured that they'll get the proper treatments for their ages. A good podiatrist who works with children also knows how to best approach kids so they stay calm. This is an essential skill that parents should seek out when deciding on a family foot doctor.

Going to the foot doctor isn't just about getting treatments for existing conditions. It's also a good way to help prevent problems from developing. For example, children aren't the only ones who have to be careful to get the right footwear. Many serious adult foot problems are caused by wearing shoes that put unnatural pressures on the foot. A good podiatrist will ensure that patients of all ages are aware of this and other dangers to foot health.

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